The Terrific Tudors

Year 5 have been learning about their new topic, ‘The Tudors’. To start off this incredible topic, they had a WOW day full of fun activities; King Henry VIII hat making, making knot biscuits and last but not least, Tudor rose craft.

Year 5 already knew that King Henry VIII had six wives, however there is so much more to learn!

Here are some comments from Year 5 pupils about the Tudor WOW day:

“I enjoyed the cooking because we learned how to cook Tudor food,” Leo, 5RW.

“I loved making red roses because I love craft!” Kerim, 5MM.ย 

“I like that Henry VII won the battle [of Bosworth],” Armin, 5JS.



8 thoughts on “The Terrific Tudors

  1. Lets not forget that 2 of them had been beheaded, 2 of them had also been divorced, shame that Seymour died so early. Lets not forget the widow and that he was buried by Seymour (hope that is her name!). Also his son died early on, I believe he was 12ish.

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