Giant Dino Egg found at KPA!


On Monday 13th November, RJ made an egg-cellent discovery.

They went down to Kings Park Academy coppice, but… suddenly a child shouted “I FOUND A HUGE EGG!!”

The mysterious egg was found in a giant bush, it looked like it was bigger than a football! WOW!

I wonder how it got there?!

Children in RJ didn’t know what it was…

“It’s a chicken egg!”

“It’s an elephant egg!”

“It’s a T-Rex egg!”

Whose egg do you think it is?


20 thoughts on “Giant Dino Egg found at KPA!

  1. I think the egg is from the Askaraptor to encourage all the children in RJ to ask lots of questions about where the egg came from. Egg-citing!

  2. Hi there! Roksana here! I think its a T-rex egg too. I never saw a colourful dinosaur egg before . I hope it is a harmless dinosaur 😉

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