Mrs Fry and 3AF held an assembly about ‘adaptability’. They did this assembly because they want children to have ‘adaptability’ as a characteristic.

In the assembly, they discussed adaptability for Maths No Problem, and they watched videos and sang songs.

“I think adaptability is important because when you have it, you never give up!” Maria and Aliya, 3AF.

“Adaptability is really important for me because I never gave up riding my bike with two wheels,” Gabriel, 3AF.

3AF have been discussing which animal best shows the adaptability characteristic; the butterfly or the chameleon?

What do you think?

Comment on the blog to say which animal you think best shows adaptability…


25 thoughts on “Adaptability

  1. I think that butterflies best show adaptability, as when they transform into a butterfly from a caterpillar, they need to re-learn how to survive as a new creature! They never give up!

    1. I think the butterfly is the correct choice because I really like the way it turns from a caterpillar to a butterfly, just by making a little home.

    1. I think that the gecko has more adaptability because he can switch his body colour to camouflage so he can catch his pray. Gabriel 3AF

  2. I think the chameleon is the best one as it shows adaptability by walking on to something then changing colour to blend in with it’s surroundings.

    Emily 3AF

  3. I think the butterfly because it starts off as a caterpillar then it makes a cocoon and transforms into a butterfly and it adapts to flying.

    Finley 3AF

  4. Yes I don’t think the best option is a chameleon because it doesn’t really have to get used to any thing because it changes colour all the time!!!!

  5. I also think a butterfly shows adapability because it starts of as an egg then hatches, makes a pod and adapts it’s way out!!

    Alfie 3AF

  6. I think butterflies show more adaptability because they live two lives, one life as a caterpillar and the other life as a butterfly, and they have to try to get use to the wild life again.

  7. I think butterflies because they transform form a caterpiller to a butterfly. Also because they stay in their cocoon for around 1 month.

  8. And I choose the butterfly because when it goes from a caterpillar to butterfly it need to learn new skills to survive and live.

    Georgi 3AF

  9. I choose both of them because the gecko is colourful, he is the more camouflaged. For the butterfly because it goes to a butterfly 🦋 from a caterpillar 🐛 by making a little house 🏡

  10. While butterfly’s transformations are amazing, they happen naturally and are not a butterfly’s choice. On the other hand, the chamelion has to constantly analyse its surroundings and keep adapting to the environment to keep safe. So, in my opinion chamelion is best at adaptability.

    Vita (Mum of Emily, 3AF and Andrew, 5RW)

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