The best Victorian trip in history!

Year 4’s amazing trip to Scaplen’s Court was for them to learn about life in the Victorian days.

They travelled there by coach to Poole Docks. When they got there a lady called Miss Jelly told the story of Effie, a poor girl who lived in the Victorian era.

Year 4 were lucky enough to make soup, bread, scones and pancakes!

“The food was delicious!” Mr Cameron.

The Year 4 children had a fantastic day…definitely one to remember!

“It was very interesting because in Year 3 I did not know about the Victorians,” Amine, 4LR.

“I liked going because I love cooking!” Mia, 4MC.

“It was really fun and the fake teacher was really strict!” Amina, 4CJ.


15 thoughts on “The best Victorian trip in history!

  1. I went there in Year 4 and it was an amazing experience i’m glad you guys had a awesome time and hopefully you guys made some yummy food

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