Tobias Ellwood

On Friday 24th November, Tobias Ellwood, who is an MP (Member of Parliament), came to King’s Park Academy. Tobias came to explain about his job and about Parliament. He also came in for support for his next election and to talk about the British Values.

Below is a picture of Tobias with our Head Girl and Head Boy:

TE with head boy and head girl

A little about Tobias Ellwood

Tobias Ellwood was born on August 12th 1966.

He is in the Conservative Party.

He was elected as a councillor of Dacorum Borough Council in 1999.

He was then elected as the MP for Bournemouth in May 2005.

What is a Member of Parliament (MP)?

Click here to find out what MP’s do!


5 thoughts on “Tobias Ellwood

  1. I think King’s park Academy is a stunning school. It’s perfect and outstanding.
    It’s an amazing school to learn in.

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