Unicef – ‘School in a Box’

Unicef is a charity which helps people in very poor countries, as well as people affected by disasters. We decided to raise money for Unicef because Year Six’s Autumn topic was ‘Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather’.

KPA chose to take on Unicef as a charity in October, and raise money by holding a raffle and mufti-day. We raised a grand total of £746.21 and we hope to buy 3 ‘School in the Box’s’!

Well done to everyone who helped by bringing in your donations!

Here is a picture of what’s included in one ‘School in a Box’:

school in a box

Click here to find out more about ‘School in a Box’



7 thoughts on “Unicef – ‘School in a Box’

  1. Loved this day so much… All of the prizes in our raffle looked amazing and it seemed like everybody wanted to win all of them! I think our school did a magnificent job by raising £746.

  2. I miss this day so much! I won a prize from the raffle which was a Minecraft secrets and cheats book, I didn’t mind getting it because I like playing Minecraft. There was another prize in the pile of things that I really wanted which was a long box with Jaffa Cakes that I adore. Maybe when I leave off to secondary school next year this will happen again. It would be great if it did because it would be a great opportunity to raise more money for charity and for the children and poor families who have suffered.

  3. Thank you for putting this online to help kids under the age of 10 realise how important it is for not just us to go to school but everyone, even if they’re from another county, since it’s important we all get an education in this world.

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