Art-mazing Art Day

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Art day was an amazing experience for the children at King’s Park Academy to meet all the teachers and have a lot of FUN! It was held on Monday 11th December, and was ART-TASTIC!

On this entertaining, fun-filled day, the children went around the school to different classes, creating some amazing art and crafts.

Here is a list of the activities chosen in each class:

RP – Kandinsky shape pictures                                     3LB – Northern lights

RJ – Polish weaving                                                         3BW – Canadian animal sketches

RR – Thai paper plate elephants                                   3AF – Swiss sculptures

1RW – Aboriginal dot art                                                4MC – Brazilian masks

1EG – Mexican ‘Cinco de Mayo’                                    4CJ – French cubism art

1MJ – African sunset and animal silhouette              4LR – Japanese origami

1RB – Mexican self portraits                                          5JS – German christingles

2KJ – Antarctic penguins                                                5MM – Mosiac art

2JH – Japanese fans                                                         5RW – Japanese paper art

2NG – Arabic pointillism                                                6JE – Chinese lanterns

6LJ – Japanese fans

6JB – American eye drawing

Which activity did you enjoy the most?


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