Nothe Fort

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For Year 6’s WOW day, they went on a trip to Nothe Fort in Weymouth.

Year 6 experienced how it was during World War II (WW2). As they arrived, there was a strict bill boarding officer who took Year 6 in, then they watched a short clip about how life was for people during WW2.

There were loads of activities at Nothe Fort, including a school. Year 6 wrote with actual ink pens…did some laundry and much more!

“It was cool and fun, it was a great experience!” Jennifer, 6JB

This week, Year 6 were also lucky enough to have WW2 vehicles visit KPA!

Here are some pictures of Year 5 enjoying learning about the vehicles too!

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Year 6 – Do you think it was a Nothe-worthy experience?!



One thought on “Nothe Fort

  1. It was a great experiece – I especially enojoyed being in the school pretending to be evacuees! We had to use quills to write with instead of normal pens that we have today.

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