Who is…Mr Ronayne


We are sad to say that Mr Ronayne will be leaving KPA at half term. He will be going to a new school in Wimborne, which is next to a Church, to teach Year 4. In the future, he’ll move close to his new school and have an amazing time in his new place.

He will miss the Year 5’s who were in his class last year; he will also miss his wonderful class in Year 4 and of course all the caring teachers and teaching assistants in KPA!

Before he leaves, lets find out a little information about him…

Mr Ronayne was born in the seaside town of Weymouth. His favourite animal is a shark because they have lived on our planet for millions of years – and they have super smart senses!

“Mr Ronayne is a fabulous comprehension teacher because is always very helpful!” Cain, 4MC and Dominik, 4CJ

“I think Mr Ronayne is an inspiration and a truly brilliant teacher!” Miss Nichols

We wish you luck in your new school and we will miss you!


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