Book Club: My Little Sister Doris

The next installment in the Book Club is one for the younger readers! We hope you enjoy!

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My Little Sister Doris

Author: Liz Pichon

Genre: Fiction, children’s picture book

My Little Sister Doris is…loving…caring and awesome!

Main characters: The little sister Doris, Moris, Boris, Mum and Dad. Moris is a funny character because he get’s very jealous of his new little baby sister!

Setting: This book is set in the crocodile family’s house.

Plot: In the story, Mum and Dad had a surprise for Boris and Moris…a little egg! Moris thought that the egg was a pet, but as time went by, the egg started to hatch and out came a baby croc! Moris hated his new little sister because she scribbled on his drawings, snapped his pencils and pulled pages out of his favourite books! Naughty Doris!

Our opinion:

“I like the illustrations, I think it is a very colourful book!” Mr Ronayne

“I liked the little sister because she bit her brother on his nose! Morris got upset about his little sister – Mum and Dad only cared about her”, Eloise, 2NG

“It teaches children to get along with their brothers and sisters!” Miss Jordan

Why would you recommend this book?

I recommend this book because if you are a little girl or a boy and you’re going to have another sibling, this book teaches you that having a sibling won’t be so bad!

My Little Sister Doris gets a 5 star rating!!!



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