Space Invaders!

On 9th February 2018, Year 5 had an experimental afternoon for parents to come in and celebrate the learning during Year 5’s space topic!

As the parents arrived, they got to taste real astronaut food, which they said tasted delicious! The parents found some of the experiments difficult as it took them a long time to solve them.

The Year 5 classrooms looked like a Space Centre – just like NASA!

Here are some of the pictures from the afternoon:

“I liked when we got to taste the astronaut food, it tasted like foam and mints!” Marwa, 5MM

“I liked it when Ollie’s Mum got the phases of the Moon correct! Well done Ollie’s Mum!” Franky, 5RW

“The parents were very supportive, thank you parents.” Armin, 5JS




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