The Book Club: Volcano Sleep

The next installment in the Book Club is close to KPA’s heart, as it has been written and illustrated by one of our very own teachers!


Volcano Sleep!

Author: James Burton

Genre: Fiction, fantasy, children’s picture book

Volcano Sleep is…funny…surprising and unexpected!

Main characters: Thelonious Gold is the leader of the cheetahs, monkeys, lions, zebras and snakes! But beware, there is also a fire-breathing dragon…

Setting: This book is set on an Island which you can see over the horizon.

Plot: There’s a problem on the Island…a volcano disrupts King Thelonious’ sleep – so a helpful parrot goes to investigate. There is a surprising plot twist which is funny and will make you laugh – read Mr Burton’s book to find out exactly what’s causing those eruptions!

Our opinion:

“My favourite part was when the animals started to dance” Amira, 6JB

“I loved how King Thelonious came up with a great idea to help the Islanders! Very funny and engaging story book!” Miss Weeden

Why would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because it rhymes – so it is nice to read – and it’s a fantasy.

Volcano Sleep gets a 5 star rating!!!



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