Book Club: Carrie’s War

The next installment in the Book Club is one of Year 6’s class readers…

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Carrie’s War

Author: Nina Bawden

Genre: Fiction

Carrie’s War is…serious…alarming and tense!

Main characters: There are lots of characters in this book, however the two main characters are Carrie and her brother, Nick.

Carrie is respectful but a bit rude to her brother Nick. She also never knows whether to trust Mr Evans because he is always being nice but also bad…

Nick is loud, cheeky, very chatty, greedy and not shy at all!

Setting: The book is set in World War II, both in London and in a valley in Wales.

Plot: It is World War II, and Carrie and Nick are in danger…They get evacuated to Wales with Auntie Lou and Mr Evans (who is a bully and very strict!)

Our opinion: Carrie’s war is a very exciting book, full of mysteries and a lot of tension.

Why would you recommend this book? It helps you to learn lots about what it was like to be evacuated during the war! It is an exciting story with lots of mystery!

Carrie’s War gets a 5 star rating!!!


Year 6 children – Write a comment about your thoughts on the book, did you enjoy it and why?


One thought on “Book Club: Carrie’s War

  1. I really enjoyed this book, and I hope to read it again sometime soon. I enjoyed it because it was a very exciting book, and I could almost imagine it in the real world. I would reccomend this book for everyone over 9 years old because it has lots of good vocabulary.

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