Read and Ride-A-Thon training!

The Read and Ride-A-Thon team are busy training! So far, they have raised about £2000 for refurbishing the library and new sports equipment.

The team have commented, “It has been very hard training, and has also been very hard to wake up at 6am in the morning to train!”

When they do train, they cycle for around 3-4 hours and travel all across Dorset, reading and riding as they go!

So far, the team think it is going very well and they rate their plan ten out of ten!

“I think it’s a very good way to encourage kids to read and exercise!” Mr Jerrams. In the same way, the bloggers think it’s a good way to encourage adults to exercise and read too!

Recently, the team have even popped up in the Daily Echo! They were very proud to see their faces in the Bournemouth newspaper!


Please help us by donating…click on the link below!



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